This message comes to you in a very special way
From a sandy beach, through the roaring tide.
Weathering the roughest seas, to travel from my hands
to yours to say,
Every message is special, yet when it arrives in a message in a bottle, it becomes a beacon of emotions, when gazed upon the recipient is filled with memories of the message inside and the feelings, they had when they read it.
Each Message in a Bottle is hand assembled by a MIB (Message In a Bottle) consultant whom prepares it as if they were creating it for that very special someone in their life. Every MIB captures a moment in time, which will glisten and sparkle no matter where it is kept, in the office, kitchen, mantle, bedroom or den.
Each MIB can be personalized with your own message or one of our messages, from the message harbor, which you then can add to or edit in the shopping cart.
No matter which MIB you choose, you get to choose the parchment paper color the message is printed on, the sand color, the cord color and you can even add one of our creative prints or request a custom background. We want this special gift to be as perfect and unique as possible.
No other company offers these types of services on the web.
Starting at $19.99 - $24.99 which includes priority US mail anywhere in the US or we also offer Fedex Overnight for additional charge($36.99 in the 48 continuous states - same day shipping available). There is no extra charge for choosing sand colors, paper color or cord color. Please select from the different selections of gifts to see what we have available.
For the same price ($19.99-$24.99) you can Design your own MIB – simply pick and choose everything from bottle size, accent pieces, sand color, parchment paper and more.
The MIB is the perfect invitation for a birthday, anniversary, get together, wedding, Survivor party, Pirate Party, or special event. Each order will have its own MIB consultant, whom will take care of your order from start to finish. Each MIB is hand assembled by one of our family team members with care, as if they were creating it for their very own invitation to their special day. Pricing starts at $3.25 each with a minimum order of 12 or more. Feel free to browse the site and different gift categories to get an idea of what your invitation could look like, keep in mind though the $19.99 - $24.99 price is for a single gift MIB. You will choose everything that goes into your invitation MIB on the order form.
Prefer to do it yourself, we offer everything from just bottles and corks only, to complete kits of bottle, cork, box, sand, shells and your choice of parchment paper. We also offer sand, shells, and all of our confetti’s to be ordered in addition to the bottles and corks if you so desire. We also offer Christmas MIB kits, click on the Christmas link. Pricing starts at $.85 per bottle and cork only.